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Industrial permitting

Architecture for industrial spaces

Format Architects has extensive experience in industrial new construction and expansion. With an eye for detail and keen flow and space planning, we create a design that fits your business processes and the specifics of your sector.

AOR – services , local Architect Of Record & RIBA stages 0-7

Whether you want to realize a completely new production workshop or laboratory with us, or just industrial permits, industrial permitting, permits high voltage cabin, pumps, bunts, fire ponds, silos, concrete pavements, HVAC, …

Transparent and efficient, we get to work together. Throughout the entire process, in which we are always in close contact with contractors, we are your permanent point of contact.

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We are specialized in:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Retail interior design
  • Shopfitting
  • Workplaces AOR services
  • Theme parks
  • Architect of record support for environmental permits, … .
  • Facility support

International collaborations

We already cooperate with:

  • Arcadis
  • AM-team
  • Mmoser Associates
  • Hyphen Archi
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Our values


As architects, we want to be close to our client. Personality and transparency are very important to us. We also always strive for honest architecture with correct materials and will never impose our opinion, but always offer correct advice to the wishes of our clients. Our architecture has no frills to make the whole aesthetic, but uses natural, pure materials that charm by their simplicity.

Any questions, or interested in an international collaboration? Contact us!